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Series KM

  • Hygienic Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump


    Brewery and beverages industry, dairies as a pressure-booster pump in short-time heating systems, CIP cleaning processes, distilleries, laundry systems for small quantities at high pressure, service and fresh water supply

    Beer, Beverages, diaries, alcohol solution, washing lyes etc.

    Thick-walled CrNiMo-stainless steel housing and housing cover, open CrNiMo steel impellers on an insert shaft, torque transmission by shrink disc, no cast parts, hygienically chambered O ring-seals, 2- to 5-stage version

    A….. Stainless steel motor cowling, height-adjustable stainless steel machine feet
    B….. Height-adjustable stainless steel machine feet
    C….. Motor foot
    D….. Stainless steel foot
    DV… Stainless steel foot, stainless steel motor cowling


    All parts in contact with the product in 1.4404 (AISI 316L). Motor flange of stainless steel, various seal qualities (EPDM, NBR, VITON) to FDA requirements

    Shaft seal

    Self-cleaning and flushed single WoC/WoC sliding ring seal with uniform shaft diameter of 25mm and standardised DIN installation space, material tungsten carbide or according to requirements


    • Flow rate : max. 15,000 l/h @50Hz
    • Flow pressure : max. 11 bar @50Hz
    • Motor performance : max. 7.5 kW
    • Temperature : max. 130 °C
    • Operating pressure : max. 16 bar


    IEC standard motor IP 55, protected against spray water, with 3 thermistors, NEMA motors on request


    • DANFOSS internal frequency converter
    • Double shaft seal
    • Steam-lock for O-rings and sliding ring seal
    • Explosion protection to EExeIIT3 or EExdeIICT4
    • Motor painting


    Connections in nominal widths from DN25 to DN50 or 1” to 2” to following standards:
    Thread DIN11851, small flange, cla